Lead Programmer

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Job Description

About The Position

The Sandbox is building a decentralized metaverse, empowering creators and players to come together and build the world they’ve always wanted. It is our mission to build an inclusive and open metaverse. Building the bridge between blockchain, social experiences, and gaming. Creating long-lasting relationships through the power of community, creativity, and NFTs.

We are seeking a talented and enthusiastic individual with demonstrable leadership experience to join our development team.  

On a technical level, the Lead Programmer will be responsible for projects, technical choices, and monitoring the work of his developers. On a management level, he is responsible for achieving objectives and meeting deadlines.  

The Lead Programmer will work closely with other cross-functional team leads and PMs to deliver compelling narrative designs that will drive the desire of players to engage further inside The Sandbox game platform. 

Main Responsibilities 

  • Overseeing the operations of a programming team 
  • Meeting with clients to discuss product specifications before development  
  • Training new software developers and computer programmers  
  • Writing custom code for clients using HTML and CSS  
  • Delegating tasks to programmers in areas like design, coding, and testing 
  • Ensuring that all programmers have the resources and tools they need 
  • Monitoring the progress of the other programmers and developers  
  • Setting and meeting production goals 
  • Organizing large databases to keep track of important information 
  • Have a strong User Experience knowledge to define the priorities based on them. 
  • Recruit more programmers according to the needs. 
  • Adhering to deadlines from clients  


  • Previous leadership/mentoring experience, or leadership interest & potential. 
  • Proficiency in C++.  
  • Experience in UE4 or similar engines.  
  • 5+ years industry programming experience.  
  • Experience in developing AAA titles on multiple console platforms.  
  • Comfortable wandering around unexplored game design territory, and excited to help refine ideas into shippable features.  
  • Passionate about Gaming, Blockchain, NFT’s, UGC, Play-to-Earn. 
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills ­capable of building strong working relationships with stakeholders at all levels 
  • Excellent written and spoken English. 
  • French or Spanish is a plus. 
  • A self-motivated attitude.