Lead Artist

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Job Description

About The Position

The role of Lead Artist is to lead and motivate a team of talented 3D Artists in delivering immersive worlds and AAA quality assets. This position entails a great deal of responsibility and opportunity to drive further the development of a strong team and for which your artistic, technical, and managerial expertise is of great importance. As a Lead Artist, your job is to plan, organize, follow up and evaluate their work in order to ensure that they meet the production objectives in terms of time and quality. In this role, you are required to anticipate and find solutions on the team and production level to deliver a stunning visual experience of the project.

Main Responsibilities


  • Lead artistic team in the development of AAA quality environments and assets
  • Define and establish art standards/ systems while ensuring all creative material is consistent
  • Work directly with production to ensure that schedules and plans meet business and project needs
  • Participate in the scheduling of his part of the project and maintain planning foresight
  • Maintains effective information flow to the team to ensure the team members are aligned with the project objectives
  • Provide regular review and feedback on teams work in a clear and constructive manner
  • Encourage creativity and participation from all team members
  • Maintain efficient collaboration between the team members and other dependent teams
  • Maintain a close working relationship with your direct manager, producers, leads, directors, and other teams to push project quality
  • Raise the bar for the project by demanding high results from self and team members
  • Actively participate to the constant improvement of work methods and pipelines
  • Share knowledge and recommend best practices in your area of operation
  • Ensure that produced and integrated assets respect the artistic vision of the game and meet the quality standards
  • Guide, mentor and develop the team


  • 10 year’s experience as an artist or animator
  • Proven experience in the entertainment and/or video game industry
  • Wide range of experience in all areas of game art, including the creation of backgrounds, characters, game objects, user interface, animation, creation of 3D objects, and particle effects.
  • Experience in team leadership and management
  • Strong artistic skills
  • Excellent knowledge of 3D software (3DS Max, Zbrush, etc.)
  • Excellent knowledge of Photoshop or other equivalent packages
  • Good knowledge of game engines
  • Excellent communication skills and teamwork-oriented attitude
  • Problem-solving attitude
  • Able to drive change and inspire others to generate new ideas