Graphic Designer

Full Time @Decentraland in Operations

Job Description

At Decentraland, we are making sure the virtual world of the future is decentralized, open like the Web, and free of control by any single company or organization. To accomplish this, we’re building a suite of supporting tools and applications designed to help people create 3D immersive content, games, and applications. All of this is hosted and accessed on a fully decentralized platform. Our work touches web decentralized apps development, game design, cryptocurrencies, 3D art, decentralized server applications, new governances and networks and, eventually, new experiences that bring the metaverse concept outside of the screen. 
To make sure we achieve those results, the Decentraland Foundation was created as a non-profit organization that leads the community by example, pushing the limits of our SDK creating tentpole events that engage our whole creator ecosystem. To assure our results, bringing the creative vision to life is super important, and a concept artist is essential to translate the mood and experience to the team. This role aims to find a professional that can work closely with our Creative Director, illustrating his vision and helping to set up the tone of our events.
The Role
The Concept Artist and Designer professional will support the Decentraland (DCL) Foundation Content-Team’s Creative Director as a multi-tasking professional, helping to create clear documentation and a shared vision of the events, builds and applications. This role also includes the creation of presentations, logos and graphic supportive material for the main tent pole events in the platform. The main goal is to assure the creative ideas are translated in visual references and documents that can guide the production, marketing and social media materials. This role involves technical and creative skills, team communication and organizational skills. Experience with web2, web3 and XR is desired. 
• Storyboarding ideas and creating mood boards
• Supply graphic design content: visual identity, decks, templates for presentations etc
• Work closely with the Creative Director to translate his vision
• Provide clear visual instructions to the production team
• Give support to the UI/UX Designer if needed
• Assistance in website and mobile application development (Ex: create front end framework for websites, of events dedicated pages)
• Assistance in VR and AR interfaces, when needed
• Creating animatics and prototypes for the pre production phase
• Support video production and social media content creation, if needed
• Sketch raw ideas, Develop pre-visualization, provided conceptual art for a 2D
• Create and produce the necessary graphic designs and artwork for projects and/or events. 
• 5+ years of Concepting Art experience
• Advanced drawing skillsStoryboard skills
• Adobe Creative tools for image and video editing
• Open minded and creative mindset, ready to collaborate with the team
• Familiarity with Figma and Adobe kit.
• Proficiency in collaboration tools (Notion, Miro, Monday), reporting (Metabase), partner proposal and collateral development (Google Workspace) 
• Up to date on the social virtual worlds market and trends
• Excellent organizational skills 
• Sharing our core values: create with passion, care about the future, done is better than perfect, own it, and enjoy the ride! 
• Good Communication skills
• Proficient English
• Animations skills 
• 3D modeling tools
• Experience with AR and VR