Game Developer

Full Time @Decentraland in Operations

Job Description

The Platform
At Decentraland, we are creating a virtual world that will grow beyond any centralized control. To
accomplish this, we’re building a suite of supporting tools and applications designed to help
people create three dimensional content, games, and applications. All of this will be hosted and
accessed on a fully decentralized VR platform. Our work touches virtual reality, dApp
development, game design, cryptocurrencies, and 3D art and design.
Our team is dedicated to pushing the limits of what can be done in each of these areas using
decentralized computing and WebVR, and we are looking to grow. Work happens quickly at
Decentraland: we iterate frequently and are always chasing new problems to solve.
Like the tools we build, our team is distributed and transparent. We have team members spread
around the globe – all we require is a commitment to quality, creativity, and flexibility. What began as a proof-of-concept for assigning ownership of digital real estate to users of a blockchain is now an immersive, ever-expanding and richly detailed metaverse, where anything is possible.
● Fill the world with enjoyable minigames, experiences and events
● Develop compact games that can be used as examples by creators in the community
● Develop fresh experiences/quests for seasonal events
● Work in collaboration with the 3D artist team
● Come up with new minigame ideas
● Experience developing games or metaverse experiences.
● Creativity and a good sense of usability, to create experiences that players will truly enjoy.
● Flexibility and ingenuity to find workarounds and solutions to limitations and other challenges.
● Know how to manage their time, plan for realistic goals, be able to adapt and go back to the drawing board if needed.
● Excellent English-speaking skills.
● Good degree in a similar field.
● Experience developing with TypeScript.
● Familiarity with 3d modeling software and ability to create 3d models.
● Show core understanding of blockchain technology.
● Knowledgeable about options for using Non-Fungible Tokens as game design assets.
● Experience with decentralized engineering and development processes.
● Ability to manage external developers working with trusted partners.
● Ability to document your findings through strong written and verbal skills, so they can serve others.
• Fully remote team with flexible working hours.
• 29 vacation days per year
• Long term incentive of MANA tokens, vested in a 5 years period.
• Additional tokens linked to performance reviews every semester.
• Stipend policy to cover work-related expenses
• Brand new equipment for remote work, including laptop, screen and chair.