3C Game Designer

Full Time @The Sandbox in Other

Job Description

About The Position

The Sandbox is building a decentralized metaverse, empowering creators and players to come together and build the world they’ve always wanted. It is our mission to build an inclusive and open metaverse. Building the bridge between blockchain, social experiences, and gaming. Creating long-lasting relationships through the power of community, creativity, and NFTs.

As a game designer, you should thrive when driving world-class gameplay alongside your team and you are passionate about fast-paced 3C gameplay and recognize when a game feels responsive and rewarding.

You will have thorough attention to detail and interdisciplinary collaboration with for example other leads, disciplines, and directors – putting you front and center for making things happen.

Your systemic thinking allows you to see patterns and create models that will handle the complex world of game development with multiple partners and a lot of creative and talented minds. You are interested in the possibilities of NFTs and Crypto and how they are applied to Web3, Metaverses, and MMOs.


  • Collaborate with the directors, programmers, and other designers in executing the overall vision of the game
  • Ensure that the gameplay properly fits the game design requirements.
  • Creating gameplay and menu flowcharts as documentation and means of conveying your design ideas
  • Working in Unity to prototype gameplay and scripted events, displaying the intended operation of the fully working game systems
  • Create new gameplay systems while balancing and fine-tuning existing core gameplay features
  • Support level design in the production of game worlds with features and interactions on a large variety of gaming experiences
  • Own areas of special expertise within the game design domain in agreement with leads and game management (E.g. 3Cs, core gameplay, AI, online features, menus, multiplayer, etc.)


  • Accomplished game designer with 10+ years working in the video games industry, specifically in 3Cs.
  • Experience using level/world editing and scripting tools
  • Good at working in a team and working with direction
  • Analytically minded and organized. Has a good understanding of what it takes to go from an initial concept to a full, fun, and functional game experiences
  • Adept at combining rules, and constraints into challenging and engaging gameplay
  • Able to look past immediate technical constraints and work solution-oriented
  • Self-motivated toward solving creative problems and technical challenges
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills in English
  • A deep passion and enthusiasm for making and playing games, and a good understanding of the competitive landscape


  • Strong interest in Crypto, Web3, and NFTs.
  • Relevant design education
  • Work showcases (E. g. in published games, on a personal website, or on YouTube).
  • Examples of work in the fan/mod community